Penis Enlargement Safe

Is Penis Enlargement Possible?

A bigger penis is possible, of this there is absolutely no doubt. Even if we discount the fact that we are in an age where women can reshape their breasts at a whim and changing our noses, filling our lips, raising our cheeks and tucking our ears barely warrant mention, the simple act of stretching the flaccid elements of our bodies is a human tradition that began with the earliest civilizations. Humans have, in fact, been stretching earlobes, nostrils, lips and, yes, penises since time immemorial. And if you’re still sceptical, just look at the many cultures throughout history that have used neck rings to elongate their necks to incredibly disproportionate lengths.

There is, therefore, no reason to believe that the body will not respond to continuous force applied to the penis by adding tissue and thus increase its overall size. There are many testimonials and manufacturer funded clinical tests to support this theory, and unless millions of people are lying or deluding themselves en masse, we have to believe there is some truth to the matter. When we filter out all of the hopelessly exaggerated claims and inevitable advertising fluff, what remains is the consistently recurring and reasonably tenable notion that a well-implemented regime with a legitimate extender will increment penis length by about one inch, or 2.5 cm.Penis Enlargement SafeThankfully, we also have clinical medical trials adding much needed credence to this phenomenon. Perhaps the most important medical evidence comes from the 2008 trial conducted at the San Giovanni Battista Hospital, University of Turin, in Italy. This study tracked fifteen patients who applied the device for four hours per day over a six-month period. The patients’ penises were measured at regular intervals and the results demonstrated significant and permanent increases of “1.7 and 2.3 cm for the stretched and the flaccid length, respectively”.

bigger penisThe results of these tests were published in the May 2009 edition of the British Journal of Urology International and have been widely accepted by the medical community as preliminary evidence of the efficacy of penile elongation devices. It should be noted that, while some corresponding increase in girth, or penis width, was noted, it was not considered significant in proportion to the registered gains in length.

With so many interested parties in the penis enlargement industry, we can rest assured that more clinical testing and research will follow. We can, however, even now safely pronounce that not only is penile elongation possible, it can be achieved safely and easily and without the need for surgical intervention. The current devices on the market have about two decades’ worth of development behind them, so while on the one hand we can be confident that we are entering an arena where the products are quite mature in evolutionary terms and able to effectively address many, if not all, of the known side-effects associated with such treatment, there is no reason not to believe that further innovation cannot bear fruit to even more effective treatments.

Does Penis Size Actually Matter?

The desire for a larger penis is deeply entrenched in the psyche of men and spans geographical borders, cultural boundaries and historical timelines. What we are talking about is nothing less than the essence of man, primordial identity. The penis is a symbol of strength, power, vigour and manhood. Manhood in this modern era, however, stands for something new; it is no longer about potency and domination. Manhood today is about the personal reward and satisfaction we feel when we are able to please our partners sexually.

Penis Enlargement SafeMaking our more temperamental and sexually complex counterparts climax is no mean feat, and we can use all the help we can get. Doing well in bed is important, it’s extremely important. There are always those who will come along and play down its significance, but as with all things in life, nothing confirms a rule better than an exception. Another simple rule of life is that you can’t do anything well without confidence. If a man isn’t sure his partner is enjoying the moment, then he won’t let his instinct take over and take the experience to new levels, which is the key to fabulous sex. Doing the same thing ad infinitum is not what is described as good sex. The same position, the same rhythm, the same rigmarole; they all spell death for a good sex life and while there is no rule saying that the man has to always take the initiative, it is generally one of those situations where women do not mind letting the man take control and transport them to ecstasy.

Some may cite a general lack in clinical evidence concerning the relationship between the size of a man’s penis and the derived sexual pleasure of his partner, but we all know there are few things less blatantly obvious. There can be no denying that the more contact a penis makes with the vaginal cavity of a woman, the more pleasurable it is for her, and if women haven’t been telling us for aeons that they prefer larger penises, then there is some serious social misconception going on. Penis extenders are confidence extenders; they don’t just make us have sex better, they make us walk, talk and sleep better.

The reasons for wanting a bigger penis can be dubious in many cases, and it’s perfectly understandable given the taboos and confusion men have to deal with, usually alone without any reference or feedback, through the most difficult and complex ages of their lives. It’s a facet of a man’s life that can generate as much torment as it can satisfaction. But from a Machiavellian perspective, there is really a tremendous amount of benefit we can reap from this possibly ill-conceived desire. We can give more, and when it comes to sex, it really is just as good, if not better, than getting more. Our overall happiness is like a check list of all the things we want and need in life. These lists, of course, vary from person to person, but if love and sex aren’t among the most fundamental tenets of a good life, then nothing is.

The Benefits of a Bigger Penis

In some cases, an abnormally small penis is a purely medical concern, where the penis is well below the human average in size and can thus provoke health problems such as complications during urination. This condition is known as “Micropenis” and is generally associated with birth defects and hormone deficiencies during development in the womb or immediately following birth. The most common treatment for this condition is a short stint of intensive hormone therapy. Surgical remediation is rarely used as the results have been shown to be largely ineffective.

Benefits of a Bigger PenisPersonal reasons for enlarging penises that are not so small as to warrant medical attention are more associated with psychological well-being and, apart from exaggerated and unreasonable cases, are quite valid. It is no coincidence that very few men talk about the harrowing experiences they have had in public, office and school urinals. Unlike women, men are generally forced to expose their penises to the curious eyes of onlookers and, while many readers may smirk, it can be so traumatic for some, that the effects are carried throughout the rest of their lives.

School urinals are especially disastrous, as penis sizes vary wildly according to children’s growth phases, and spectators, who are understandably still immature, can be particularly callous in their observations and their willingness to disseminate the news amongst their peers.

And then we come out of adolescence, shocked, scarred and afraid. By now we’ve heard countless rap heroes and heroines respectively recounting how big theirs is and how big they want it to be. And in the real world the average man’s penis is unlikely to be as big as they would like. But even if we have not been driven to insanity during the dark teenage years, and our now fully-developed frontal lobes equip us with the reason, perspective and proportion that comes with maturity, the desire for a larger penis does not wane.

The reasons behind this desire should, however, also come of age, so to speak. A bigger penis for a normal, well-balanced contributor to society should never be about wielding some kind of terrifying new weapon, or besting your peers with a sword they cannot hope to rival in length. In fact, a bigger penis shouldn’t really be about you at all, directly, that is. The real benefit from a larger penis is the added pleasure you can give your partner in the bedroom.

It is about shifting your attention away from whether or not they are feeling anything to when, how and where your partner gets worked up the most. A bigger penis can give you the confidence to take your sexual prowess to new levels and drive your partner to climax as many times as you, if not more. You won’t find real men measuring each other’s penises in the toilets, you’ll find them caressing their partners and asking what they liked and didn’t like, and what they would perhaps like to try next time. That is real love; that is real sex.

What Should I Use for Penis Enlargement


The following is a list of some penis enlargement methods followed by some general comments about each;

Penis Enlargement Pills(A)Enlargement Creams:

(B)Penis Pumps:


(D)Enlargement Surgery:

(E)Penis Enlargement Pills

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